ANGELINA GUALDONI - Represented by: Kavi Gupta


Born 1975 in San Francisco, CA.

Lives and works in Chicago.

Education: MFA, University of Illinois at Chicago; BFA, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD

SOLO Exhibitions Selected:

2005: 12 x 12: New Artists/New Work, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

2004: Kavi Gupta Gallery, Chicago, IL

2003: Finesilver Gallery, San Antonio

GROUP Exhibitions Selected:


2004: Strange Days, curated by Dominic Molon and Stacy Boris, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

2003: Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, NY

Angelina Gualdoni: Transference in Aurora, IL, 2004. Acrylic and oil on canvas. 48" x 60"

Angelina Gualdoni's second solo exhibition at Kavi Gupta Gallery in December 2004 described an ominous shifting world that is constantly changing yet never indicating its motives as a benevolent or malevolent force. Buildings are demolished, churches peak through a dirty skyline, parking garages seep into the ground, strip malls decay and concrete barriers are discarded becoming the subjects of Gualdoniā€™s paintings. These structures and symbols mingle comfortably with spills, drips, and stains on the canvas reiterating the role chance plays in all of this.