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ARTPORT_making waves

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Anita Glesta

Born 1958 in New York City, USA

The river of frenzied fish presents a metaphor for our survival within the ecosystem of our planet and a forum to think about our city in a global context when global warming is an increasing concern. Extracting and projecting phantoms or ghosts of what traveled beneath the surface, this visceral and interactive work is scheduled to be a large scale public art for NYC that will be an artistic semaphore about Manhattan’s (and other American cities) relationship to water throughout history.

WATERSHED has particular resonance in the wake of "Sandy" serving as a wake-up call. Rather than a didactic or apocalyptic statement, the WATERSHED project will highlight the prior history of Lower Manhattan as a waterway between the two rivers and contribute to the dialogue about rebuilding and prevention.

Anita Glesta’s work has been installed in public spaces as well as galleries, museums, and non-profit spaces in New York and internationally. Glesta has been a recipient of numerous grants and awards for her installations.

As an artist in the public Glesta has worked on several large-scale international projects. Among these projects is a permanent outdoor integrated landscape sculpture for the Federal Census Bureau Building in Washington DC commissioned by the General Services Administration Art and Architecture program and completed in 2010. In Dec 2009 Glesta was commissioned to do a work through Artport and the United Nations for the Climate Change conference in Copenhagen.

Anita Glesta, WATERSHED, 2013, at base of Manhattan Bridge for New Ideas Festival
Anita Glesta, WATERSHED, 2013





Proposal for WATERSHED