Valerie Favre


presented by Alon Segev Gallery



Born 1959 in Evilard, Switzerland



Valerie Favre’s body of work is conceived by groups of works, or series which are all related to one another. For Favre, each canvas is a single stroke within a larger picture, embedded in a relationship with other singles in the same or in a different series of works. Her works reflect principles of construction in which several approaches to painting coexist and are staged as in a theater or movie scene. In her works, Favre creates her own version of resistance to global narratives. She creates her own petit narrative using uncanny figures and landscapes and combining them with historical references, folklore, fiction and feminist approaches.  Thus inviting the viewer to enter this new space or narrative constructed and spends time there.


Favre's latest exhibitions were at the Carre d'Art Museum of Modern Art, Nimes, France, and Museum of Art Lucerne, Switzerland, 2009-2010, and at Alon Segev Gallery, Tel-Aviv



Valerie Favre, Choreography for three Birds, 2009, oil on canvas, 196 x 184 cm
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