Terry Haggerty


presented by KUTTNER SIEBERT Galerie



Born 1970 in London, U.K.



Terry Haggerty has in recent years become known to a wide audience, due to numerous exhibitions and his spectacular wall installations, most recently at the Dallas Cowboys new stadium, CCNOA in Brussels, or Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. In what is now his third individual show at Kuttner Siebert Galerie, Terry Hagerty shows his newest works, which represent the logical development of what has always characterized his painting. Terry Haggerty begins with the perfect, flat surface that is more reminiscent of industrial production than an individual hand of an artist. Parallel lines cross the surface and follow the curves, occasionally generating the impression of plasticity. These works offer the beholder various, changing possibilities of perception, even granting an object quality to these flat, abstract-seeming paintings.



Terry Haggerty, Elbows, 2010, acrylic on wood, 74 x 49 cm
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