Stuart Pearson Wright


presented by Riflemaker



Born 1975 in Northampton, England, U.K.



"Self-portraits are the most persistent of my subjects. This is due largely to narcissism but is also a form of catharsis to heal the vacuum at the centre of my identity. Born by artificial insemination and consequently never having known my father, I am fascinated by, and suspicious of, masculine role-models and archetypes as seen in film, art history and advertising.


Role-playing is central to my work. Whether it is via the medium of painting, film or drawing, I feel the need to include myself within an existing myth and become werewolf or cowboy, a B-movie actor moving from role to role.


By inhabiting different male archetypes (in particular, the Heroic) I am trying to expose them as fictional constructs and to reference the wider metaphor of life as theatre, or being-as-playing-a-role.


Stuart Pearson Wright, 2010



Stuart Pearson Wright, Rose Marie, 2008, oil on found canvas 51 cm x 61 cm
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