Shang Yixin


presented by 55 Gallery



Born 1980 in China



Shang Yixin uses pressure sprayer, black & white acrylic paint & water to make this series of work. So entitled “1800 Times = 1”, because the water splashes coming from the pressure sprayer ran across the canvases 1800 times, leaving traces of water marks without any order. The final result is something overlapped 1800 times. The whole process is very much like watering plants & trees, watching them to grow. This 1800 times doesn’t have any specific purposes. This 1800 times is merely 1800 times the artist enjoyed the process of making these art works. The artist tries to get himself away from being controlled by brain when making art works. There is no information sending out from the canvases, nor is concept or objectives the artist wishes to reach.  What the artist expressed was just an experience, or maybe something running through the artist like time...



Shang Yixin, Untitled No.1, 2009, mixed media on canvas, 46 x 38 cm
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