Robert Barta


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Born 1975 in Prague, Czech Republic

Lives in Berlin, Germany



He graduated at the Academy of Fine Art of Munich in 2005 and completed a master degree at the San Francisco Art Institute, MFA (USA). In 2008 he had the solo show “The Real wrong gallery” - New York and “Everything good comes from beneath” curated by Marcus Graf, Under construction – Istambul, 2007. He has shown in “Sculpt-o-mania, Neue Skulptur aus Deutschland” curated by W. Zeigerer, City gallery - Kiel, “Phoenix vs Babel” curated by Patrice Joly, Fondation Ricard - Paris and “Inkonstruktion III”, Art Biesenthal - Berlin, 2008.


Forthcoming in 2010:  the solo show “Reality looks back on me” Stadtgalerie Kaiserlauiern and the group show “This is not a casino” (curated by Kevin Muhlen), Casino Luxemburg. Collections: FNAC Le Fonds National d’Art Contemporain, Columbus Art Foundation, Sammlung der Deutschen Bundesbank Frankfurt a.M.



Robert Barta, Time Machine XXL, 2009, mdf, aluminium, 12V dc motor, wheel, scale model train, regulated power supply
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