Ramon Mateos


presented by FORMATOCOMODO



Born 1968 in Spain

Lives and works in Madrid, Spain



The analysis of the social and political reality in which we were developed like individuals and society beginns from the idea of an undifferentiated artistic practice form the society in which it grows, looking for models of performance and intervention in the real. On occasions people have theorised to the point of converting artistic practice in a task of innovation that acts as a substitute for the absence of transformations in society. This supposition perpetuates the myth of the autonomy of art, and overlooks the fact that work does not evolve in an autonomous manner, but rather in the context of the moment and the social reality whose framework is understood rationally and dialectically.


MORA has participated in (selection): Proyecto Juarez, Mexico (2007); Interferencia 07. Public art project. Barcelona (2007); had curated War Trade… Plataforma ’06, Mexico (2006); co-direct the project Black & Noir, Madrid (desde 2007).


Founder and component of the group El Perro until its dissolution in 2006, participating in (selection): II Moscow Biennial (2007); Memorial. Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden (2007); Brave New World at Cobra Museum, Amsterdam (2007); Dirty Yoga, Taipei Biennial (2006).



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