Paulo Bruscky





Born 1949 in Recife, Brazil

Lives and works in Recife, Brazil



Artist dedicated, since the 70's, to the actions of the avant-garde and experimentalism. 


He has performed projects for performance, installation, intervention, video and multimedia languages. In 1981 he received the Guggenheim Fellowship for Visual Arts, living for a year in New York. His experiences with mail-art, sound art, video art, and xerography artdoor / faxarte, are cited as pioneers in the discussions about the use of new media in Brazilian art.


It is recognized as one of the most important innovators of the Brazilian contemporary art. From 1979 to 1982 he made 30 films artist / video art. In 1980, he invented the "xerofilmes" which are films made from xerographic images, opening a new field for animation and experimental film.


Since 1983 started his video installations and has participated in 70 exhibitions held in Brazil, Cuba, Italy, Canada, USA, Venezuela, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Portugal and Spain.



Paulo Bruscky, Protetor para identidade [Identity Guard], 1976, offset on paper, 23 x 18 cm
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