Nicky Coutts


presented by Danielle Arnaud



Nicky Coutts works primarily with film, video and photography, but also with sculpture and installation. Coutts’ work often contains elements of collage, or the reuse of materials such as film clips, paintings and photographs. Her work has been shown widely in the UK and internationally. She has been awarded a six-month fellowship at Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral from April 2010. Her work will also be shown this coming year at Ha Gamle Prestegard, Norway, Stedefreunde, Germany, Youkobo Art Space, Japan and she is currently preparing a solo show for the gallery to open in November 2010. Coutts has worked as a writer, editor and lecturer most recently in critical and historical studies at The Royal College of Art, London and as Fine Art Fellow at Middlesex University.


For Volta 6, Coutts will present a series of photographs of attempted levitations based on existing imagery of others who have either been prone to levitation (e.g. St Joseph of Cupertino), have attempted to fly (e.g. the artist Yves Klein, and based on his attempts, Paul McCarthy), or are represented moving between the mortal and immortal worlds, such as Bosatsu’s and Amida’s flotation on Clouds and the Japanese Pure Land sect.



Nicky Coutts, As St Joseph, 2009, C-Type print, 100 x 132 cm
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