Lucia Laguna


presented by Galeria Laura Marsiaj



Born 1941 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Lucia Laguna is one of the great revelations in Brazilian painting in the early 21st century. Her painting is formed as a process of inscription of pictorial events on a given surface to establish power fields. In her works, each event is a set of partial pictorial facts that concentrate upon themselves. They are plastic nuclei formed by constitutive acts of the appearance and the corporeality in the conduction of matter (mass, color, luminosity, charge, texture and quality of the homo faber painter the brushstroke). The pictorial events propagate the visual forcefulness of its presence over the surface. The result is a gentle relational confrontation with the artist. From her, they demand pictorial responses for each act no matter how small the may be for themselves or for the other events. The density of the painting lies in the intensity of such events and the way how the artist seeks a point of balance of their presence in the pictorial space, according to a precise intentionality.



Lucia Laguna, Studio #31, 2010, oil and acrylic on canvas, 150 x 200 cm
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