Laura Buckley


presented by 401 contemporary



Born 1977 in Galway, Ireland

Lives and works in London, U.K.



In her video installations, kinetic sculptures and digital prints, Laura Buckley reveals the process by which works of art and images generally emerge, as well as the materiality and nature of the medium used, all in the style of the so-called “structural film” of the 60s and 70s. Thus repetition, reflection, fragmentation, exposure to light, low-fi aesthetics and simultaneity are all integral components of her formal vocabulary. The viewer becomes part of a complex dream-like display of projection, light, sculptural elements and media equipment, operating on the edge between illusion and deconstruction.



Laura Buckley, KZN - Suspended Hexagon, 2010, 2-way mirror perspex, plywood, wire, motor, video projection, dimensions variable, photo: Marcus Schneider
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