Karin Hueber


presented by KUTTNER SIEBERT Galerie



Born 1977 in Zwingen, Switzerland



The intallations and sculptures of Karin Hueber deal with spatial phenomena and the parameters of architecture. The psychological and physical impacts of built environment on the existence of the people inhabiting it are a central topic of Huebers artistic occupation. With a precise arrangement of works she directly relates to the viewer, referencing or including characteristic features of the exhibition space. Elements are folded, doubled or shifted disturbing the familiar habits of perception, which are either suspended or extremely accentuated. The subjective adaption of the particular situation creates a new personal and poetic interpretation of the context of the exhibition and opens further levels of meaning. The artist speaks of parasitic ensembles These never come without a frame of reference; yet, they remain autonomous pieces.



Karin Hueber, untitled, 2009, MDF, lacquer, 370 x 100 x 140 cm
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