Johan De Wilde


presented by TATJANA PIETERS



Born 1964 in Belgium



Known for his meticulous pencil drawings whereby the imagery re-/dis-appears through the imagination and eye of the beholder, Johan De Wilde takes his topics both from everyday situations he comes across, as well as historical events. Juxtaposing the concept of palimpsest with that of mechanical reproduction, De Wilde adapts a highly personal drawing technique whereby he manually though systematically and seemingly mechanically builds up each drawing line by line. Creating drawings that are trapped between the abstract and the narrative, De Wilde questions the seductive force of an image and the way the beholder reads it.


Johan De Wilde graduated at the department Etching of the Academy in Ghent and has since been training himself to become an excellent draughtsman and connoisseur of literature and language, challenging the semiotic approach within his praxis. His work is part of several private and public collections, a.o. S.M.A.K. (Museum of Contemporary Art Ghent). Exhibitions include: ‘Collected Stories #2’, Arts Festival Watou 2010 (BE), ‘Uit het geheugen’, Museum Dr Guislain, Gent (BE), ‘Until My Darkness Goes...’, LMAKprojects, NY (USA), ‘Belgier - aktuelle Kunst aus Belgien’, Figge Von Rosen Galerie, Köln (DE).



Johan De Wilde, History VI, 2010, colour pencil and graphite on archival cardboard, 42 x 60 cm
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