Irene Kopelman


presented by Motive Gallery



Born 1976 in Córdoba, Argentina

Lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands



Whether it be the museum existence of a natural given or its original existence; although Kopelman’s sculptures and drawings are not without a certain Romantic awe, they primarily reveal a conceptual attempt to relate to boundless nature: she tests, studies and critiques her material, the physical environment and human relations with the latter, again and again. Her tentative knowledge acquisitions are put into perspective and can be ‘read’ in the autonomous, often serene, artworks she presents at exhibitions. Their autonomy only obliquely refers to the Land Art projects. In contrast to her predecessors, Irene Kopelman reduces the multifaceted preparation process to a single object: the drawing or sculpture or, as she puts it: the object provides condensed insight into the entire process. The work speaks for itself.



Irene Kopelman, The Levy's Flight, 2009, clay with pigments, 220 x 220 cm
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