Igor Grubić


presented by Galerija Škuc



Born 1969 in Zegreb, Croatia

Lives andd works in Zagreb, Croatia



Inspired by Kolubara miners strike that ment the beginning of the fall of  Milošević's regime in Serbia, Igor Grubić has decided to make a site-specific work for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade. He started thinking about the monumental scenes and images from the period of socialism that were glorifying the role of workers. When meeting the miners he discussed art with them, their conversations were mainly about films. Films by Kusturica with elements of surrealism represented creative freedom for most of them, and were something close and familiar. In artists  conversations with the union leader who had taken part in organizing the strike, he discussed the film by Wenders entitled Wings of Desire, and this film has become the key to the interpretation of this work. An angel descends among people and finds other angels who had come before him in order to help the human race. Since they have decided to stay on earth, such angels renounce their wings and their immortality and become miners.



Igor Grubić, Angels with dirty Faces, 2006, Photography, 120 x 90 cm, Courtesy of the artist and Galerija Škuc
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