Hervé Paraponaris


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Born 1966 in Marseille, France

Lives and works in Marseilles



His proposal for Volta Basel 2010 is designed as a rebuilding of a founder work, Everything I stole from you, a collection of stolen objects, created in the 90's.

This collection - shown at the FIAC in 1994, then in his studio in 1995 – has been seized by the police during an exhibition at the MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art Marseille) in 1996. Six objects were returned to their owners, the other 36 disappeared forever.

Ten years later, Herve Paraponaris starts a reappropriation of this event, up from the memories of the vanished work. Further Replica (recidivist replica) is a project under construction, based on reproductions and transformations of the original collection, a project that illustrates the multifaceted relationships between traditional forms and conceptual art and his work.



Hervé Paraponaris, Further Replica - Metamorphosis
Hervé Paraponaris, Further Replica - Metamorphosis, A white blue megaphone, 2009, 6 suspended rings of steel and fog, 270 x 143 x 90 cm
Hervé Paraponaris, Further Replica - Metamorphosis, A catalog on the artist K.Wodisko, 2009, Brackets of square wood and fog, 200 x 200 cm
Hervé Paraponaris, Post-production (exhibition), 2009, Money or your life (La bourse ou la vie), 2009, performance lecture
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