Heide Hinrichs


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Born 1976 in Germany



Seattle-based Heide Hinrichs is interested in the way language shapes experiences and perceptions, Hinrichs subtly transforms a variety of handmade and everyday found materials, reimagining them as fragments existing within a larger system of relationships that trsnscend their materiality and places them as an environment in the space, reinvigorating and relocating the objectís lost or imagined history. Easy to dismiss, her work takes time and pays dividends for the patient and persistent viewer, as discarded and leftover materials become tiny worlds and complicated universes.


Heide Hinrichs studied at the University of Kassel and at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden. She has had solo exhibitions in Kunstverein Ahlen, Frankfurt, Struppen, and Dresden, Germany. In 2008 her work was included in Manifesta 7, a biennial of contem- porary art in Italy. An installation with new works is currently on show at the Seattle Art Museum, who have also acquired pieces for the collection. Her work is part of private collections in Europe and the USA. In September Hinrichs will have her 2nd solo show at the gallery in Ghent.



Heide Hinrichs, studio view Seattle, May 2010, mixed media, variable dimensions
Heide Hinrichs, Sam Next: Borrowed Tails, 2010, installation view Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Washington (USA)
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