Heather and Ivan Morison


presented by Danielle Arnaud



The work of Heather & Ivan Morison is directly informed by both their experiences travelling the globe and intense observation at their arboretum in Wales. In their practice, the Morisons have combined these experiences with investigations into the ideas of others who have been inspired by the natural world from Buckminster Fuller’s concepts to the personal philosophies of “New Age Gypsies” in the American southwest. The results are sculptures and installations: a large kite whose design is informed by mineral samples found in Quartzite, Arizona (The Opposite of All Those Things, 2008)a tearoom housed in a morphed geodesic dome clad in felled wood from its surroundings at Tatton Park Biennial 2008 (I’m so sorry. Goodbye. (Escape Vehicle number 4); a jack-knifed semi-truck in Bristol spilling its cargo of 25,000 flowers (I lost her near Fantasy Island. Life has not been the same, 2006) and a barricade of urban detritus blocking a street in Wellington, New Zealand (Journée des barricades, 2008).  These pieces examine the intricacy, the wonder and the alien in the natural world and the tension inherent in our relationship to it. The Morisons were selected to represent Wales in the first Welsh pavilion at the 2007 Venice Biennale of Art. Recent exhibitions include The Shape of Things to Come, Situations, University of West of England, Bristol, Mythologies, Haunch of Venison, London, Radical Nature, Barbican, London.


For Volta 6 the Morisons will present new sculptural and installation works that are examinations of abandoned cities of North America, of an optimistic architecture in ruins, made light and fragile through burning, lifting high above the ground, moving with the wind - a floating city of ghost forms.



Heather and Ivan Morison, Frost King, 2010, installation, wood
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