Hannes Broecker


presented by galerie baer



Born 1980 in Eckernfoerde, Germany



Hannes Broecker has another means of projecting the tone of his paintings in his sculptures and object installations as well: "Most of the three-dimensional works are at least partially painted. In a world chock-full of conventional presentations, his sculptures seem to be even more of a balancing act between aggression and seduction than do his pictures: They obstruct entryways and defy insight, yet they entice the observer with the vivid force of strong colors as well as with unusual surfaces and materials like painted mattresses, tarred wooden planks and concrete-encased bubble wrap."

Johannes Schmidt



Hannes Broecker, Rio, 2009, installation, mixed media (wood, tape, paper, varnish), 210 x 260 x 183 cm

Hannes Broecker, House of Pain (detail), 2010, installation, mixed media, 350 x 200 x 450 cm