Gyula Várnai


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Born 1956 in Kazincbarcika, Hungary



Gyula Várnai is one of the most significant artists of the Hungarian contemporary art scene. He works with numerous media, including drawings, sculpture, video, collage, object, ready-made, light or acoustic installation and print. The chosen medium and the subject depend on each other, they define each other.


Várnai builds his concepts on simple phenomena or objects.  He tends to work with everyday articles and sights in his subjects or technique, such as a chair, a door, a book, numbers, clothes, streets or a forest.  Várnai's visual poetry, based on uncomplicated, moderate material, is born by the instruments of composition, association and discarding – alias contextualization and decontextualization.



Gyula Várnai, Door, 2010, lightbox, 190 x 70 x 10 cm
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