Dan Halter





Born 1977 in Harare, Zimbabwe



Through his work Dan Halter continues to interrogate and engage with the politics of post-colonial Zimbabwe. Although particularly focused on Zimbabwe his work draws attention to a broader discourse around the postcolonial African state. Halters recent work focuses specifically on the aftermath of a spate of xenophobic attacks directed at Zimbabwean refugees living in South Africa.


Through looking at the plight of refugees his work deals with issues around forced migration and the root causes and results of mass movement on the continent. Working in the mediums of Sculpture, Video, Installation and Photography Halter works by combining traditional techniques such as carving weaving and stitching with found objects (often particular to Zimbabwe) that function as political or economic symbols.


Graduating in 2001 from the Michaelis School of fine Art at the University of Cape Town with a BA Biennale.



Dan Halter, Space Invader Joburg, 2009, light jet print, 125x 80 cm, edition of 5