Gulf Coast Slabs


Some days after hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, I found an image in Time magazine, taken from the air soon after the storm’s passage, of the smouldering remains of some coastal community. This image, like many others taken that day and the days to come, documented the awesome scale of the destruction caused by the hurricane, but in a landscape which differed very much from the worst-flooded wards of New Orleans, so well-covered in the news media. In this picture alone I discovered a wealth of information and understood the need to be there and capture these traces of living which I found hauntingly familiar. My photographer and I went to Gulfport, Mississippi with our cameras, rented a skylift, and shot film. Gulf Coast Slabs is the result of this work.


Clay Ketter


Uppåkra, February 2008


Clay Ketter, Shelter Rock Drive, C – Print, Diasec , Edition 1 of 1, 178 x 261 cm, 2007
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