Chloe Piene


presented by Alon Segev Gallery



Born 1972, Stamford, Connecticut, USA



Chloe Piene, Known for her charcoal drawings of naked figures with exposed muscle and bone and for her interest in extreme anatomical dexterity. Piene's work rides between the erotic and the forensic, the obscurity and the clarity. Real extremes that come together in ways that clash and combine somewhat violently. Pieneís latest body of work incorporates a new use of media; sculptures created with Plasteline, Wax and casts of human skulls. In these sculptures Piene continues her engagement with the body and itís dismantling proving us once again that these distorted figures might belong to a world more real than phantasmagoric.


Chloe Pieneís latest Museum exhibitions were at the Witte de With Center for Contemporary art, Rotterdam, and Carre d'Art Museum of Modern Art, Nimes, 2008.



Chloe Piene, Kaw (liga), 2010, Wax, Plasteline, and Plastic, 28 x 28 x 43 cm
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