Charif Benhelima


presented by Crown Gallery



Born 1967 in Brussels, Belgium

Lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium



Charif Benhelima has been developing a groundbreaking research in photography and has lately been receiving a great deal attention.


Benhelima investigates the notion of identity, memory/oblivion, document, and truth through images that explore perception, time and space, and a sense of invisibility. Besides having worked with analogical photography, he has been experimenting for almost ten years with the Polaroid 600.


Embarking on a kind of countercurrent to the digital medium he developed a highly personal style, whose images have a timeless quality. Bringing the viewer back and forth to past and present or suggesting a sense of suspension and void, Benhelima’s photographs create destabilization, enhance the feeling of transition, and obscure the notion of truth. Benhelima’s diverse aesthetic, formal and conceptual research compose nevertheless a coherent and singular oeuvre.



Charif Benhelima, Garbage, 2005, Ilfochrome-Diasec, 120 x 122cm, Edition of 5
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