Cedric Christie


presented by Koraalberg



Born 1962 in London, United Kingdom



Before becoming an artist, Cedric Christie was a welder. Highly skilled and meticulous, he explores the artistic potential of every day materials, transforming seemingly mundane objects in to beautiful works of art. Steel rods, shiny plastics, brick, brush and scaffolding have all been experimented with and pushed to their limits. The end results have been striking works that are imbedded with political, social and cultural meaning.

Cedricís past projects have included framed doormats, works made out of rope and snooker balls contained within steel metal channels. The theories and works of Robert Raschenberg influence his approach and there is a purity and simplicity to Christieís works that relates to minimalism.



Cedric Christie, Looking at long lost Friends, 2008, scaffold poles and paint, 70 x 70,5 x 18,5 cm
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