Caio Reisewitz


presented by Galerie van der Mieden



Born 1967 in São Paulo, Brazil

Lives and São Paulo, Brazil



Caio Reisewitz (born in São Paulo Brazil, in 1967)  is a photographer who portrays the sublime in nature, in its most classical denotation. The indisputable protagonists in Reisewitz’ photosgraphs are the brush and fields, rivers and meadows, places in which humans haven’t or have hardly intervened. These practically Utopian, pristine places, which are defending themselves against human intervention, are hard to find. Caio’s landscapes look like places one would only find in the heart of the jungle. However, these images were captured in the vicinity of his hometown, São Paulo, an impressive megalopolis that is constantly growing, greedily devouring its surroundings. On the edge of this ‘conurbation’, nature has remained untouched, but won’t for long.



Caio Reisewitz, Mairipora, 2006, c-print, dia sec, 100 x 180 cm
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