Artists Anonymous


presented by Riflemaker



ĎArtists Anonymous is an art group. We make no distinction between art and life.í


"We knew each other as artists around Berlin, started to work together in 2001 when we were variously coming out of relationships and giving up drugs. After a while our work became known and we needed a way for people to refer to us. Anonymity means we sacrifice our own names as artists, but it also forces people to concentrate on our work, not us. We thought it might be good if you go and see an art work and not know who did it, not just in terms of who personally, but whether man or woman, old or young. That also fitted with how people like Beuys challenged the view that art was what was well-done by an artist with an ego, and introduced the idea of the duty of the artist to be socially aware. So we thought if we want our art to be about what matters, it canít be about us".


Interviewed by Art World magazine, June 2009



Artists Anonymous, Snow White, 2010, Oil on Canvas, 35 x 25 cm
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