Antti Laitinen


presented by NETTIE HORN



Born 1975 in Finland



Antti Laitinen’s work stems from performances which are documented through photographs, videos or objects – the records of these performances are therefore processed to create new works in entirely different contexts and thus incorporating several temporal stages. By way of documentation and the switch between media and presence – that quintessential ingredient of performance, the becoming of the work – becomes independent object.


Using explicit and oniric cultural imagery set in a context of nature and culture, Laitinen’s performances become the staged enactment of his vision of Finnish identity. Combining a search for identity and a poetry of the absurd, the artist pushes his limits (both physical and mental) in quest of the discovery of the wild Nordic landscape, often devoid of any human trace. Led by an undeniable humor and irony, Laitinen’s work immerses us into a world in which heroism meets simplicity through captivating images, recalling the relationship between man and nature.



Antti Laitinen, It's my Island III, 2007, diasec-mounted c-type print, 115 x 115 cm, edition of 6
Antti Laitinen, Self Portrait on the Swamp, 2006, diasec-mounted c-type print, 160 x 115 cm, edition of 7
Antti Laitinen
, Growler IV, 2009, diasec-mounted c-type print, 115 x 140 cm, edition of 6
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