Andrei Roiter


presented by Galerie AKINCI



Born 1960 in Moscow, Russia



Andrei Roiter has always infused his art with a distinct Russian sensibility despite his emigration to the West 20 years ago. Making use of drab colours, rough aesthetics and melancholic atmosphere, Roiterís works are redolent of his Soviet past. Yet his works are less nostalgic references to his homeland than they are reflections on his personal biography as an artist.
In Roiterís vocabulary the artist is often portrayed as an observer/manic collector of images/permanent tourist.  His installations often include various objects and artefacts, paintings and drawings that address the theme of personal identity and memory.  Itís as if heís presenting us with his collection of souvenirs or paintings and drawings of souvenirs.



Andrei Roiter, Hidden room, 2010, acryl on canvas, 223 x 132 cm
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